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New thermal bath

  A new dimension
  of well-being

  In december 2012 one of
  the most modern and
  attractive well-feeling
  thermal baths in Germany
  has been opened.
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Ride on!

The Ems Bikepark

  The Ems Bikepark 

  High above Bad Ems a
  makes every biker’s heart
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Medical Springs

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A guided tour to the medical springs in Bad Ems is remarkably interesting. It is a real voyage of discovery for your tongue, as the mineral water of the various springs tastes different. The springs crop out very differently: as fountains – three of them are in the Spring Hall – then in a nice, round spring temple next to the river, then quite hidden in a rocky niche or spectacular as an eight metres high artesian fountain. Guided tours to the medical springs take place regularly.
What do chemists and physicians say about the 15 medical springs in Bad Ems? It is alkaline acidulous mineral water, which appears here as a hot spring (27° - 57° C). That is unique in Germany. Each spring has different ingredients. There is a wide field of applications: catarrhs of the respiratory tracts, acute and chronic illness of the bronchus, the larynx and the throat, catarrhs of the stomach and intestines and some metabolic diseases.

Survey of the most important springs

The spring is close to entering the Guinnesbook of records, as the temperature of its fountain is 57° C and thus is one of the hottest springs in Germany. If the artesian spring is in good condition, its fountain will be 8 metres high in summer. You can also get the healing power – without water – in the “Emser Pastillen” (throat pastille). After evaporating the water 3.5 gram of minerals are left per litre spring water. For 150 years the pastilles have been made of the mineral salt which are valued not only by opera singers.

You can find three medical springs in the Spring Hall. Do something good for your health and try the spring water (43° C )!


In 1996 this spring was reactivated. Its healing water helps if you have problems with your digestive organs.

Emser Kränchen ®

The most popular medical spring in Bad Ems is good for infections of the respiratory tracts. Until 1989 its spring water was bottled and send worldwide. Today you have to bottle the spring water yourself or drink it right in the Spring Hall.

(Spring Tower)
The outstanding building at the left side of the riverbank was built over the “Neuquelle” (New Spring) in 1907/8 and is under a preservation order. Today the warmth of the spring water is used for heating purpose.

The spring is in a hidden place and can only be visited when taking part in a guided tour on the health springs. It has got a very interesting art-historical design. It is made of red marble from Verona in the style of classicism. It was an elegant spring. After all King Wilhelm allowed that this spring was called after him. The spring does not pour anymore. That is not because we do not have a king anymore but because of the water level of the river Lahn.

Römerquelle (Roman Spring)
We do not know exactly whether the Romans bathed in the spring water or drank it. The spring water, (42 ° C) helps, if you have got digestive problems. Thus it could have helped the Romans after a voluptuous banquet.




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