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New thermal bath

  A new dimension
  of well-being

  In december 2012 one of
  the most modern and
  attractive well-feeling
  thermal baths in Germany
  has been opened.
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Ride on!

The Ems Bikepark

  The Ems Bikepark 

  High above Bad Ems a
  makes every biker’s heart
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Useful Information

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Here you can find all sorts of useful information about the river Lahn, the locks, the water levels and official regulations.



Instructional leaflet for water sports enthusiasts

The “Wasser und Schifffahrtsamt Koblenz”  is the waterway board that maintains the river Lahn and publishes rules of conduct.

Wasser- und Schifffahrtsamt Koblenz
Schartwiesenweg 4
56070 Koblenz
Phone: 0261 - 9819 0
Fax: 0261 - 9819 3155

Iinstructional leaflet for water sports enthusiasts on the river Lahn
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The river Lahn hast got 23 locks altogether, which are operated differently. Between Giesen and Steeden, a stretch which is not well built, there are 11 locks that are 34 metres long and 4,40 to 5.15 metres wide. The users have to operate the locks themselves. When going downriver you should fill the lock chamber again after having passed the lock, as there is mainly downriver traffic. For that you must close the bottom gate and its paddles and open the paddles of the top gate.

The stretch between Steeden and Lahnstein is fully developed and has got 12 locks, each of them is 34 to 47 metres long and 5.34 to 6.30 metres wide. These locks are operated by staff.

Scheduled passenger boats and other large boats have priority over sporting and touring boats.

Operating times of the locks between Limburg and Lahnstein:

Water levels

In the case of flood the river Lahn mustn’t be used.

Current water levels

Pegeltelefon Leun
Telefon: 06473 19429
(Badenburg to Steeden)
Current water level
Pegeltelefon Kalkofen
Telefon: 06439 19429
(Steeden to Lahnstein)
Current water level

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