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Strength and vitality

Spa week in Bad Ems

  Spa week in Bad Ems
  from € 356 on

  Profit from the concentrated
  medical competence of the
  health resort for seven days.
  Strengthen your health and
  summon up new energy.
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New thermal bath

  A new dimension
  of well-being

  In december 2012 one of
  the most modern and
  attractive well-feeling
  thermal baths in Germany
  has been opened.
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Ride on!

The Ems Bikepark

  The Ems Bikepark 

  High above Bad Ems a
  makes every biker’s heart
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Nature Parc

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590 square kilometres living nature – that is the Nassau Nature Park and Bad Ems lies in midst of it. More than 1,000 kilometres of hiking trails guarantee recreation and peace. The nature park lies in the nature reserve of the “Rheinische Schiefergebirge” , to which parts of the Westerwald, the Taunus and the Upper Middle Rhine Valley belong, too. The Lahn valley lies in midst of this nature reserve. The romantic low mountain range and the gentle valleys leave their marks on this “green paradise” framed by the river Lahn with its quiet, wild and ecologically valuable meadows and floodplains.

Recreation & sports in wonderful nature

Recreation from everyday life, time out from stress – the nature park offers space for recreation and relaxation in a wonderful landscape added by heavenly peace and particularly clean air. For activity holiday-makers and sportsmen the Nassau Nature Park is an ideal outdoor training camp. That is mainly because of the different heights of the low mountain range and the wide range of hiking, cycling and riding trails. Diverse trails lead through the dense mixed forests with an unique fauna and flora – a very special natural experience. On the way you will discover bizarre rock formations made of  slate and limestone, narrow paths, clear streams or impressive valleys like the “Schweizertal” near Miellen. And again and again you have the wonderful view on the river. Canoe trips on the river offer the opportunity for adventurous hours or complete days far away from  any hectic pace.

Rich Flora & Fauna

Beech forest with spring flowers are typical for the Nassau Nature Park. In the warmer sites of the Lahn and Rhine valley there are oak woods. In places with enough lime even orchids grow.
More than 100 different species of breeding birds and another 100 different species of migratory birds are to be found in the nature park. Among the most remarkable breeding birds are the hazel grouse, the hobby, the black woodpecker, the dipper and the kingfisher. For a few years the grey heron has been breeding here again. Further more 34 species of dragonflies and 39 species of grasshoppers are known. Some listed vipers and lizards and 15 species of bats can be found here, too.

Biotope “Lahn”

The river Lahn and its floodplains are a biotope for many kinds of rare animals and plants. Thus the river Lahn is ecologically extremely valuable and of great significance. The flora along the river bank offers insects and small animals feed and hiding places throughout the year. The larva of many different kinds of dragon-flies live in the vast population of aquatic plants. A large number of fish, larva of insects and amphibians live in the water. Many different kinds of birds find feed on the shallow sandbanks and the steep rock faces offer suitable nesting places for birds such as the kingfisher. On the meadows along the bank and in the reeds birds like the nightingale build their nests. The extensive and partly wet meadows are important for feed and brooding.


Further information

The official website of the nature parc offers even more information:

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