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New thermal bath

  A new dimension
  of well-being

  In december 2012 one of
  the most modern and
  attractive well-feeling
  thermal baths in Germany
  has been opened.
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Ride on!

The Ems Bikepark

  The Ems Bikepark 

  High above Bad Ems a
  makes every biker’s heart
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Boat Trips

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„River cruises“past the natural floodplains of the river Lahn and past romantic villages – an absolute classical trip that is fascinating up to now. You can travel comfortably on the fully run passenger boats. A journey on one of the modern boats is just the right thing for those who want to explore the landscape of the Lahn and the romantic Rhine valleys most comfortably.

Bad Ems Sightseeing Tour

 The “Bad Ems sightseeing tour” (1 hour) past the grand scenery of the spa architecture of the spa is definitely the most popular journey amongst the Bad Ems boat trips. The journey starts from the mooring next to the “Römerquelle”. First the boat goes upriver and passes the lock near Dausenau. Having passed the lock the boat turns and goes downriver. Getting to Bad Ems the explanation of all the sights starts: Spa House, Spa Rooms Building, Casino, Russian Church and much more. Off thermal bath the boat turns again and returns to its starting point.

Duration: about 1 hour
Group price: € 7.50 per person
Single price: € 8.00
The sights are explained by loudspeaker announcement.

Information and booking:

Stadtrundfahrt Bad Ems auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

Romantic journey through the Lahn valley

 This tour goes from Bad Ems to the wine-grower village Obernhof along the most beautiful parts of the Lahn valley. The departure is at the promenade in front of the Spa House. The journey goes upriver past places like Dausenau and Nassau. On the trip you pass three locks. Passing the historic village of Dasusenau  you will see the 1000 years old “court oak-tree”, the “Wirtshaus an der Lahn” (Inn on the Lahn) and the “leaning tower of Dausenau”. The journey continuous through the Nature Park Nassau, past the birthplace of Reichsfreiherr von und zum Stein and the Castle Nassau – Orange. Here in Nassau you can get off the boat to have a look at the town. Having passed lock “Hollerich” you get to another impressive part of the Lahn valley on this tour with the castle Langenau  and the monastery Arnstein before you arrive at the wine-grower village Obernhof. After a half-hourly stop there you will start back to Bad Ems.

Duration: about 5 hours
Group price: €19.50 per person
Single price: € 21.00
Stages are possible, e.g. Nassau or Obernhof

Information and booking:

Romantische Lahntalfahrt auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen



 The “Three-Rivers-Journey” on the Lahn, Rhine and Moselle rivers are very popular, too. The departure is from the mooring next to the “Römerquelle” in front of the impressive Spa House. The journey goes downriver past the villages Nievern, Fachbach, Miellen, Friedrichssegen to the river mouth at Lahnstein. On this stretch of 11 kilometres you will pass 4 locks. Now the boat reaches the river Rhine, the busiest river of the world. The journey is continued downriver past the castles “Lahneck” and “Stolzenfels” and the “Johanniskloster”. In Koblenz you can admire the “Kurfürstliche Schloss” (palace), the “Festung Ehrenbreitstein“  (fortress) as well as the „Deutsche Eck“ with the river mouth of the Moselle. The journey continuous on the Moselle for about another kilometre before ithe boat turns for the return trip. Groups may get off the boat at the “Deutsche Eck” or in Lahnstein.

Duration: about 5 hours
Group price: € 19.50 per person
Single price: € 21.00
Stages are possible, e.g. Lahnstein or Koblenz

Information and booking:

Drei-Flüsse-Fahrt auf einer größeren Karte anzeigen

 Raft trips on the River Lahn

The raft trips are a speciality on the River Lahn – at least the trips are great fun. The adventurous looking raft “Lahn-Arche” with its rustic-style is about 25 metres long, 5 metres wide and offers room for 90 passengers. For four hours you will raft on the most romantic parts of the Lahn River. At the end of the trip each fellow passenger will be given “his personal” rafter diploma. But there’s more to it than that: Music, dance, solid meals and drinks get the passengers in the right mood and time flies. It is also possible to charter a raft for a club or staff outing.

Raft trip of three hours with the “Lahn-ark” from/to Bad Ems including 1 shot glass of corn schnapps, 1 glass of beer, 1 slice of bread and dripping: 29 € per person

Moonlight trip: Raft trip of three hours with live music, dancing, and grill buffet: 37 € per person

“Oktoberfest” with live music: Raft trip of three hours with live music, dancing and Bavarian buffet: 40 € per person

Information and booking: Touristinformation Bad Ems, phone: +49(0)2603-94150 or »

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